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Here we go, or is it better to say HERE WeGo? Recently I noticed a significant update of maps-app by ex-Nokia company HERE and just recalled a funny story that happened with me almost 2 years ago. Back then I was looking for a job in Europe and accidentally came across an advertisement about a position in “YET ANOTHER” department of the company that as far as I remember deal with translations. Anyway I submitted my Cv and after some weeks got an invitation for a Skype-interview.

Do you know how teenagers speak with their parents? – “Sunny, what would you like for dinner, chicken or beef?” and the answer would be something like – “Yeah, sure” because one cannot play Battlefield and listen to one’s mother at the same time. That is how my interview looked like. The guy, an engineer, i guess did not consider listening to me as something important. Maybe at that time he tried to save the world, or fixed just deployed bug on production. I did not know that and i wouldn’t. I was surprised, as i was not a person who persuaded them to organise the interview. Or maybe he was the best of the best (I will cover this part later) so he could do 2 actions simultaneously. Just like Caesar. As i said, i was surprised but not only because of that. Being interviewed for a serious position in well-known company and being asked questions like ‘How many SQL joins do you know?’ may stump anyone for a while. Especially if all other questions emerge somewhere from that ground. Finished with this part one bright developer took terns with another not less bright product owner. He forewarned me and did it quite menacingly that they were looking for the best of the best. I was so frightened that I was not that chosen one, so i without loitering lied to him, that I was the droid one they were looking for.

After several minutes of pretentious words about the job I was being offered (that, honestly, sounded like a routine work to me)  we said each other good bye. They did never replied to me since that time though.

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